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1.Your warranty is only valid under normal use. All man-made damage and belongs to the mobile phone of one of the following commodities, not the implementation of three packs, but you can carry out the repair charges:

A. beyond the warranty period;
B. damage caused by human factors, including non-normal working environment, no damage caused by the use according to the instructions, etc;
C. user privately disassemble, self-maintenance, modification, or by non-maintenance of the Company UNPROFOR units;
D. force majeure (such as floods, fires, earthquakes, lightning, etc.) damage;
E. No warranty card and a valid proof of purchase or product type, barcode inconsistent or altered;
F. wear natural products (such as: housing, keypad, display, antenna, accessories, etc.);
G. causes beyond the Company's failure, defect or defects;
H. barcode labeling and warranty (fragile stickers) damaged, illegible;


a. cosmetic damage (wear, scratches, etc.) will not enjoy return;
b. due to network, wireless information service providers (carriers) caused by the fault is not covered under warranty;
c. vendors verbal promise, beyond the provisions of the warranty card principle, without providing the service;

3. Meet the replacement product, you can go to the nearest point I UNPROFOR replacement, when a replacement, the host is faulty, then the free replacement of the Company with the specifications, the same type of host; faulty parts, the free replacement parts;

4. product in need of repair, you can go to any one of the company's Genius UNPROFOR point network maintenance;

5. Water or serious damage to the machine repair man, you need to be a service center and seaside nobility maintenance agreement first signed on the requester;

6. All the warranty period is down for parts, components and accessories owned by the Company.

National Service Hotline:4007-006-360

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